80/20 Principle By Richard Koch

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80/20 Principle

Here is another book that I finished last week. It’ called the 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch. Lets dive into the first couple of key points and see how you can apply them in your life. Before I do that, I would highly recommend signing up at Scribd, if you haven’t all ready. If you are a true book lover like myself, you will definitely enjoy all the thousands of books instantly available at your fingertips. I feel like when ever I read a book, my mind is able wander  way beyond Florida. I get see things from a persons perspective who may live across state or another country.

If your still not motivated to build up your library read this quote that one of my old mentors named Michael who now runs a successful Limo Business at www.temeculalimo.org once said to me.

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5 Lessons I Learned From Henry Ford

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I love reading autobiographies, especially about individuals who made a serious impact on the world.

So I want to start my first book review on “My Life and Work” by Henry Ford and author Samuel Crowther.

If you want to check out the book yourself, you can buy it by clicking here. Don’t worries, I don’t get any commission, I just wanted to spread the wealth of knowledge.

I am not really into cars, I like to drive nice cars but I don’t like anything that deals with fixing them.(Hey I’m a girl, what do you expect.) Anyways, the important lessons I learned is why I wanted to share this with you.

If you don’t recognized the brand logo up above, it is car brand founded by an amazing individual, Henry Ford.

Unfortunately I don’t drive a Ford, I drive a Toyota but Mr. Ford still rocks in my book.

If learn about him, you will find out that he wasn’t really a smart man according to his peers and society.

Despite his massive success, he didn’t graduate from high school and he only made it to middle school.

So how did he achieve massive success?…you ask

One message that stood out from this book, is that you don’t have to be some honor roll student or do well in school to be successful in life.


Henry Ford wasn’t a genius or anything. He wasn’t the only trying to build a horseless carriage. There were many others in pursuit of that vision. What set him apart from everyone else was that he didn’t give up like the rest of the others. Despite all his failures and money problems, he never gave up.


Mr. Ford didn’t really have a massive amounts of money sitting around so he can run advertising campaigns. So he cleverly found a way to make him stand out, a way to get his invention out in the open for everyone to see. He made a bet with a famous race driver named Barney Oldfield, that he could beat him in a race. Barney was already a well known, guy, so when the word got out, there were already reporters waiting at the race track. Henry Ford did beat Barney and got the exposure he needed which allowed him to shine brightly like a bright star at night.


Mr. Ford worked with a lot of engineers, so he had a lot of access to a lot of knowledge. He got an idea from his engineers about building a assembly line to speed up the process. So Henry took initiative and followed through with the idea. He kept an open and recognized that this idea can be a great opportunity to rapidly grow his company.


Thinking positively about yourself or having a strong self image is advantageous, but in Henry Fords case, he let his ego get to him. He let the public and his peers get to his head, that he is more than just a automotive master but a true genius. It affected his decisions and eventually blinded him from taking the right action that could of allow him to avoid costly mistakes.


The success of Fords company produced rivals and enemies. One of his rivals, Alfred Sloan learned earl on that cars represent status. So he decided to build a variety of car models for different levels of class and income. Mr. Ford failed to recognized this and got hurt badly by not building luxury line of Ford vehicles.

Please check out the book and let me know what you think and how it has inspired you to take new action in life.

Welcome Everyone To My Website

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Hey, welcome everyone to my brand spanking new website. Over here at One Voice For Florida, will be outlet for my spreading my voice. A voice coming from a Florida native. That is right, I spent most of my childhood life in Jacksonville, Florida. For those who are reading this post now and are also from Florida, you may already feel right at home when I start sharing my joys and pains. I may not be the best write, but one thing I do know is that my stories will definitely connect and resonate with anyone who reads them because I have lived them.

What If I am not from Florida?

That is perfectly ok, my intention or goal is not to write specifically for Florida residents because everyone will be able to relate to what I am sharing. I have traveled to many states but my hometown state will always come back to Florida. I just hope that my voice will speak loud enough that it will be heard far past outside the state of Florida. By me starting this personal blog of mine, I know that my voice will travel thousands of miles across the U.S.

What exactly will you be sharing with us?

To paint you a much clearer picture of what to expect, as you read about me, If you read my About page, then you know that I am a serious book worm. I will be sharing all the books I am reading or have already read and then discuss them in a very analytical way so that we can learn from it and hopefully apply it in our own lives. By the way, I not only ready physical books, but I also listen to audio books on SCRIBD. If you don’t know yet, Scribd is an all you can eat buffet, but instead of food it is books. The best part of it all is that its super cheap, especially for getting access to tons and tons of books.

The main focus of this blog will evolve around books but I will still blog about all the  places I have been to from your local mom and pop shops, that karaoke bar that everyone loves to go to, the new shopping store that just opened that sells nice shoes, or that lovely park that I do my 3 mile jog every morning. Whatever it is, my goal is too apply what I have learned in the books I have read, regardless how minute they may see.

But one thing is for sure and that is, my stories will inspire you and hopefully allow you to live a life that is more meaningful, a life that excites you, a life that allows you to go to bed each night feeling fulfilled. I will not also share with you all the books I feed my mind but I will also share with you what I feed my my body, so that you will not only be more educated when it comes to your physical health but also your mental health as well.

I am true believer in the old adage” You are what you eat.” The same goes with,”You are what you feed your mind.”So that means I am very selective to the music I listen too, the movies I watch and the books I read.

So if you happen to have a books to recommend, I will definitely love to hear about and hopefully we can all create a mastermind and share what we have learned from them and how it has affected out lives.

Thats all I have for now, so come back and visit me again as I will have more new posts to come. Cheers :)


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